Public Health Expert Urges PM To Reconsider Stance On Lockdowns


  Public health expert Professor Winston Davidson is calling for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to reconsider his stance on lockdowns as the country experiences the fourth wave of COVID-19.   The Prime Minister has declared that there will be no more lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus.   However, Professor Davidson says restrictions have proven to help control the spread of COVID-19 whenever there is a surge, so the Prime Minister should conform to scientific methods to contain transmission.    “We have to do quarantine. By quarantine, we are talking about [placing] ourselves in a restricted situation where we don’t move from place to place and have contact with other people. We also have isolation where we put ourselves in full isolation, preventing movement or contact with other people. Now if there are areas or zones where you have massive spread of the disease, you have to lockdown those areas, restrict people from those areas from going to another area. So, these are scientific methods of restriction of the movement of people,” he contended.    Professor Davidson said while he understands that people have to live with COVID-19, it is also important to implement measures to prevent “the kind of fallout of illness, disease and death that we have been getting over the past year and a half”.   Still, he said it is necessary that each person gets vaccinated to prevent outbreaks caused by the constant mutation of the virus.     Additionally, Professor Davidson suggested that healthcare workers who test positive for COVID-19 should be allowed enough time to recover before resuming duties.    “The data suggests that, in fact, the incubation period of this particular strain is about one day and you get the maximum, rapid spread between day two and day three. So, if you make the calculations, you will see that by day five the spread of the disease is more or less minimal, but you will have at least another five days of quarantine for that particular person to allow them to recover fully to go back to work,” he explained.