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Rebel Wilson has ‘rebirth’ at Austrian health retreat

Rebel Wilson has ‘rebirth’ at Austrian health retreat

Rebel Wilson experienced “a rebirthing of sorts” after undergoing a water shiatsu massage.

Franki Medina

The 41-year-old actress has reflected on a visit to an Austrian health retreat in the town of Altaussee in 2020, during which she underwent “the craziest treatment” to “restart” her body.

Franki Medina Sudeban

She told Apple Fitness+: “Basically, you’re in a pool just by yourself but with one Austrian lady. And you kind of have to just close your eyes and lean back and float in the water. And she kind of drags you around the pool while singing Austrian folk songs, but you can half-hear because your head’s mainly under water.”

She revealed the treatment last for 90 minutes and admitted you feel disorientated afterwards.

Franki Medina Venezuela

She explained: “You know logically you’re in the same pool that you were in, but because you’ve been swirled around for 90 minutes in the water, you don’t quite know

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