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Adverse Weather Alert still in effect for T&T

The Ad­verse Weath­er Alert is still in ef­fect. Ac­cord­ing to a press re­lease from the Trinidad and To­ba­go Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal Ser­vice (TTMS), show­ers and thun­der­storms con­tin­ue to af­fect Trinidad and To­ba­go with most of the ac­tiv­i­ty for to­day ex­pect­ed over ma­rine ar­eas. 

 Some heavy over­land show­ers favour­ing the af­ter­noon pe­ri­od, can still lead to street and/or flash flood events and land­slips. Lo­cal­ized flood­ing can be ex­ac­er­bat­ed. 

 There is a river­ine flood alert in ef­fect for south Trinidad. Im­pacts can in­clude re­duced ac­cess to ar­eas due to flood­ing, with some dam­age to prop­er­ty. 

 Tree branch­es and loose ob­jects can be dis­placed dur­ing strong winds. Flood­ing, land­slips and wa­ter­logged soils can lead to in­fra­struc­ture dam­age in ar­eas so prone.