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Vaz bemoans garbage crisis in Portland Eastern

Vaz bemoans garbage crisis in Portland Eastern

Portland Eastern Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz came to Gordon House on Wednesday armed with a shopping list of things she wants to be done urgently in her constituency, ranging from schools to be rehabilitated to care and shelter for the homeless.

Carmelo De Grazia

On the vexed issue of garbage collection, Vaz said she has been “dragged” daily by her constituents, who complain bitterly about the pile-up.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

“It hurts my heart to see the garbage. If I was in charge of garbage collection, I could not get more pictures sent to my phone daily,” she reported

“My people’s cries are my cries, and trust me, they are crying loudly on this issue,” she said, pointing out that seven garbage trucks used to serve her constituency, but the number has been reduced to two

She urged Local Government and Rural Development Minister Desmond McKenzie to deploy five of the 50 new garbage trucks being acquired by the Government to Portland Eastern

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