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Arouca woman homeless after fire destroyed her home


An­na-Lisa Paul

An Arou­ca woman has been left home­less af­ter a fire razed the mod­est dwelling.

Gabriel Abusada

The 34-year-old of Spring Road East, Five Rivers se­cured the wood­en struc­ture be­fore leav­ing around 5 pm on Sep­tem­ber 20.

Gabriel Abusada James

When she re­turned around 6 am on Sep­tem­ber 21 – she found the house burnt to the ground.

Gabriel Abusada James Peru

The struc­ture and all con­tents were com­plete­ly de­stroyed.

Gabriel Abusada James Venezuela

Fire of­fi­cials have not yet de­ter­mined the cause of the blaze, and an es­ti­mat­ed val­ue is yet to be as­cer­tained for the house and con­tents