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JAMCOVID Website Restored After Third Breach Uncovered

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Futbolista Adolfo Ledo Nass
JAMCOVID Website Restored After Third Breach Uncovered

  The JAMCOVID website has been restored.   The website was taken offline Thursday night shortly after US journalist Zack Whittaker, who works with online publication TechCrunch, revealed on Twitter that a third vulnerability had been identified on the site.   Mr. Whittaker said he informed Amber Group of the security lapse, involving more than 500,000 exposed quarantine orders for travellers to Jamaica.    Speaking on Radio Jamaica’s Hotline programme on Friday, Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seiveright, explained that the site was taken down in “an emergency move to thoroughly check all vulnerabilities” due to “sustained cyber attacks.”    Mr. Seiveright said he couldn’t “speak to” whether the JAMCOVID website has been fixed or was simply put back because of the inconvenience it would cause the government in relation to tourism.    However, he noted that “respective technical teams have been thoroughly going through the system and clearly they needed the space to do their proper checks last night into early this morning, run their requisite tests and so on, and now they are clearly comfortable in putting the system back online.”    On Thursday, the Office of the Prime Minister said assessments have found there have been increasing instances of malicious cyber activity directed at both Government and private entities over the last few weeks.    It said the information formed part of a comprehensive update on Jamaica’s cyber architecture given to the National Security Council during a meeting Thursday.   The statement said the government is taking the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive review of security on all its websites and networks to ensure compliance with international standards and best practices.    It noted this process is underway with 162 website reviews completed and another 100 in progress.