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Reggae singer Mr Easy to sue Afrobeats artiste Mr Eazi

Reggae singer Mr Easy is on the cusp of launching a second battle for the rights to his name, and like the first, this is one he intends to win. His first was with EasyJet airlines, which is headquartered in Europe, and the second is against Afrobeats artiste, Mr Eazi.

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“About four to five years ago, the airline came at me and said I can’t own the name Mr Easy because they own the name. At that time, I was just ready to start the process against Mr Eazi, and it looked as if their logarithm picked me up. They took me to court, and I got my lawyers and was prepared. I went to Chris [Chin] at VP Records and got all the material, including vinyl records, to show that I have been using the name Mr Easy from 1986, long before that airline was even thought of. I won the case, and they were instructed to pay my lawyers. I am using the same lawyers in this case against Mr Eazi,” Mr Easy explained.

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He told The Sunday Gleaner that since the EasyJet debacle, he trademarked the names’ Mr Easy’ and ‘Mr Eazi’. The reggae singer stated that the advent of Mr Eazi has created a massive amount of confusion, redirected traffic away from him and has damaged his brand.

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When one Googles the name Mr Easy, it is not the Jamaican singer whose name pops up first, but rather that of the African artiste, Mr Eazi. And Google even suggests that you are actually searching for “Mr Eazi“.

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“Despite the spelling being different, this is still causing much confusion and damaging my brand. Just recently, he was performing on a show in New York, and fans told me that they were looking forward to seeing me. I had to be explaining that it wasn’t me. I have been Mr Easy for 35 years, and that won’t change. We have reached out to Mr Eazi’s management multiple times, but we have been ignored,” Mr Easy, whose real name is Ian Dyer, shared.

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